5 Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

While, as dentists, our Galesburg doctors always try to preserve your natural teeth via cavity fillings, root canals, and crowns, sometimes tooth extractions are called for. In fact, there are a variety of reasons why you made need to have your teeth removed. Read on to learn some of the most common reasons.

  1. You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed.

Our mouths are really only designed for the 28th teeth we receive in adolescence. Our ancestors, however, didn’t have access to the high-quality dental care that we have today and often lost some of these original teeth. Therefore, around their teen years or early twenties, they would rely on their newly emerging wisdom teeth. But Galesburg residents don’t have room in their mouths for these extra four molars. The new teeth can crowd existing teeth, become impacted, or otherwise cause pain, and they can even cause infection. If your wisdom teeth are coming in or are impacted, then tooth extractions are called for.

  1. Your Teeth are too Diseased to Be Saved Via Cavity Fillings or Root Canals.

 If you have tooth decay, our Galesburg doctors will do everything possible they can to save your natural tooth. This may include drilling and filling a cavity – sometimes to the point that you need to cover the tooth with a crown – or performing a root canal. However, in some cases of tooth decay, these treatments simply aren’t enough, and tooth extractions are warranted.

  1. You Have a Genetic Condition That Causes You to Grow Extra Teeth.

As we discussed above when explaining the need for tooth extractions when wisdom teeth come in, our mouths are only designed to hold 28 teeth. Some Galesburg residents, however, have a genetic condition that causes them to grow and develop more teeth. If you have this condition, then you’ll likely require tooth extractions to avoid the pain of additional teeth cutting through your gums, and the risk of crowding your beautiful smile.

  1. You Need Teeth Removed as Part of an Aesthetic Treatment Plan.

Many Galesburg residents who don’t like their current smile choose to have dental implants placed to give them the look they’ve always wanted. These built-to-be-permanent tooth replacement systems require that your existing teeth be removed so that the dental implants can be placed. If you’re working with our doctors for dental implants for aesthetic reasons, you’ll need tooth extractions to get the process rolling.

  1. You Have Fractured Teeth.

Our teeth are naturally strong, but the hard foods we eat these days can fracture them, as can injuries from sports, automobile accidents, and other injuries. Fractured teeth can not only be painful but don’t provide the oral function they are designed to have and require tooth extractions.

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