If you are missing multiple teeth, have failing dental work, or ready to have permanent teeth instead of dentures, you may benefit from All-on-4®. This treatment method can restore an entire arch of teeth in a single visit, giving you full functionality along with a natural appearance.

The doctors at Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons specialize in All-on-4® and other advanced treatments. Dr. BuschDr. Otte, and Dr. Schroeder have provided care to Peoria and Galesburg patients for nearly five decades, and our focus on surgical procedures leads to effective and predictable outcomes.

All-on-4® can transform the smile and bite for patients who have been limited by the health of their teeth. General dentists frequently refer patients to AOS for the procedure when the replacement of the full arch of teeth is a more effective approach than individual tooth replacement. They recommend our practice in part because of our experience performing All-on-4® and the thousands of successful procedures we conduct each year.

The Purpose of All-on-4®

All-on-4® replaces all of your existing teeth with a full restoration. A set of dental implants—man-made tooth roots placed in the gums—secure the new teeth in place. As a result of the procedure, you will have new, permanent teeth that look and work like your original teeth.

The most common reasons Peoria and Galesburg patients choose All-on-4® is that they:

  • Have lost or require the extraction of multiple teeth
  • Don’t like wearing dentures or can’t tolerate them because of gagging and discomfort
  • Want to get back the appearance and function of their original teeth

AOS doctors will secure the teeth in place with 4-6 dental implants in each arch. You will not require an implant for each tooth because of the strategic positioning and angle of the implants. Because the procedure restores the teeth from the roots up, you can use them as you would your own teeth, and unlike dentures, they do not require ongoing maintenance beyond normal oral hygiene.

AOS’ Approach to All-on-4®

AOS offices are conveniently located in Peoria and Galesburg. You can schedule an initial consultation with the closest location to learn more about All-on-4®. During your visit, your doctor will conduct an examination and may take X-rays and photos for evaluation purposes. The doctor will assess your needs and prepare a personalized plan for your care.

All-on-4® treatment depends on skill in two separate areas: placing implants and fabricating and attaching replacement teeth. AOS’ surgeons have spent years in practice conducting implant procedures, and their ability to set them securely is what gives the new teeth stability. Similarly, we have unique training in sedation and general anesthesia, which makes dental implant placement comfortable.   

Similarly, a well-crafted set of replacement teeth provides aesthetic value to the outcome. For this reason, AOS will coordinate your care between our surgeons and your own restorative dentist. Our implant center will handle all of your appointments and provide you with a single point of contact for questions. This coordination will offer you excellent care and greater convenience.

What to Expect with All-on-4®

Once your doctor determines that you are a good candidate for All-on-4®, our practice will use 3D imaging to plan your procedure. This technology will allow the doctor to place the implants precisely and securely, giving you a more aesthetically appealing and durable result.

On the day of the All-on-4® procedure:

  • Your AOS doctor will extract teeth and restore bone as necessary
  • The AOS doctor will place the dental implants
  • Your restorative doctor will be at AOS for the surgery. He or she will fit temporary replacement teeth to the implants
  • Temporary replacement teeth fitted to implants

As a result, everything will happen on the same day with All-on-4®, and you will never have to be without teeth. In a few cases, patients may require more extensive bone grafts to sustain dental implants and may need 4-6 months of healing before a separate implant procedure.

You will have follow-up visits after your All-on-4® procedure at our Peoria and Galesburg offices. These checkups will ensure that you are progressing in your recovery. At 12-16 weeks, your AOS doctor will assess the final integration of your implants and take a digital impression. This impression will help the restorative doctor produce your permanent set of teeth. Once the teeth are ready, you will visit the restorative doctor for a final fitting.

Most patients receive a prosthesis that is made of milled titanium, which contributes to lightweight, beautiful, and strong teeth. Unlike dentures, the replacement teeth will not cover the roof of your mouth, so you should not experience gagging or have problems with food becoming trapped. Instead, you can expect a stronger, more aesthetically appealing, and permanent set of teeth.

At Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, we know how to help you. Our board-certified surgeons and expert staff can provide the care you need to relieve the discomfort you feel.

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