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Sedation Dentistry

Patients frequently choose Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons for their care because we can conduct procedures using a variety of anesthetic techniques. This includes sedation dentistry, which allows patients to be completely relaxed or asleep throughout surgery. Our knowledge helps patients have the most comfortable experience possible.

AOS provides a full range of anesthetic options, including general anesthesia, in Peoria and Galesburg. During your initial consultation, your AOS surgeon and nursing staff will review these techniques and recommend one based on the type of surgery you are having, your medical history, and your preferences. Learn more about our approach.

Twilight and General Anesthesia

The majority of AOS’ procedures use procedural sedation (also known as Twilight Anesthesia) or general anesthesia. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the only oral healthcare professionals with complete specialized training in administering anesthesia during procedures. Other oral healthcare providers would have to call in an anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia. Therefore, our surgeons hold certifications that allow AOS to perform sedation dentistry safely and effectively. This distinction is one of the biggest reasons that patients rely on our practice for treatment.

Sedation and general anesthesia are intravenously controlled, which means that you do not need a shot in the mouth while you are conscious. Both options give your surgeon control over wakefulness so that you can fall asleep immediately, stay comfortable throughout the procedure, and return to full consciousness when it is over.

Dr. Busch, Dr. Otte, and Dr. Schroeder frequently recommend these forms of sedation dentistry because they:

  • Optimize patient comfort during lengthier and more invasive procedures.
  • Improve the level of care our surgeons can provide.
  • Reduce anxiety for patients. They should only remember going to sleep and waking up once their treatment is finished.

Procedural sedation differs from general anesthesia because it is a lighter level of sedation. You will feel completely relaxed and unaware of the oral surgery but be somewhat responsive to doctors and nurses. Most people are healthy enough to receive this form of anesthesia.

General anesthesia puts patients to sleep completely. We can administer this form of anesthesia in ambulatory operating rooms at our Peoria and Galesburg offices.

Peoria and Galesburg patients may also have their surgery in a hospital setting.

Patients with certain medical conditions are better candidates for twilight sedation than general anesthesia. Your surgeon will guide you to the option that suits your needs during your consultation and will explain what you can expect before, during, and after your procedure. If you receive twilight or general anesthesia as part of sedation dentistry, AOS will ask that you not have food after midnight the evening before.

Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

While AOS performs most oral surgeries using twilight and general anesthesia, we can use local anesthesia for minor procedures with limited duration. With this option, you should feel no pain and only a sense of pressure during your treatment. The main advantage to local anesthesia is that it doesn’t require pre-operative fasting nor does it prohibit operating a motor vehicle.  That being said, we strongly advise having a driver for most surgeries.  There are a few drawbacks, however:

  • Local anesthesia requires an injection in the gums. Most patients find this more uncomfortable than having an IV placed.
  • Numbing the area does not relax patients or make them unaware of the procedure. Even minor surgeries can involve processes that patients may prefer to sleep through.

In some cases, AOS can combine local anesthesia with nitrous oxide, another form of sedation dentistry we offer in our Peoria and Galesburg facilities. With nitrous oxide, you will wear a special mask to breathe in a combination of “laughing gas” and oxygen. This can help you feel more relaxed without going to sleep. Patients who have dental anxiety but who prefer not to receive IV sedation may benefit from this approach.

Your Experience in Our Care

The benefits of choosing AOS go beyond your surgical outcome. It is our commitment to make your treatment a safe, comfortable, and positive experience.

Part of the way that we achieve this is by involving you in the planning process. Our staff and doctors will take extensive time during your consultation to help you understand how your surgery will work and what to expect the day of your procedure. The surgeon will also review the reasons for choosing one anesthetic option over another and in particular, the benefits of sedation dentistry for more invasive operations.

Peoria and Galesburg patients with anxiety about dental and maxillofacial surgery will find care with AOS extremely supportive. Our ability to have you sleep through the entire process is a key factor in this approach, but patients also take confidence in the fact that we are specialists who perform complex surgeries on a daily basis. Our ability to diagnose, perform procedures, manage complications, and help patients heal comfortably distinguishes our work as specialists.

At Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, we know how to help you. Our board-certified surgeons and expert staff can provide the care you need to relieve the discomfort you feel.

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