Before Sedation

Dr Busch an oral surgeon at Associated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons working with a patient
  • The night before surgery eat a light meal for dinner
  • Consume no alcoholic beverages
  • Your mouth & teeth should be well cleansed before your appointment.  When rinsing, try not to swallow the water      
  • The patient must be accompanied by a responsible adult who can remain in the office during the entire procedure to drive the patients home.
  • Following the procedure and the anesthesia experience, patients should not make important decisions, operate devices or machinery or drive a vehicle for 24 hours
  • Please wear a short sleeve
  • Remove contact lenses & jewelry prior to the time of surgery. Wear eyeglasses
  • On the day of the surgery, do not wear excessive makeup, lipstick or nail polish.
  • No smoking at least 12 hours before surgery.  Ideally, cut down or stop smoking as soon as possible prior to the day of surgery
  • If you have a change in your health, please contact our office
  • If you take routine oral medications, please check with your oral surgeons prior to your surgical date for instructions
  • If you use an inhaler for asthma or a glucometer for diabetes, please bring with you the day of surgery

Eating Instructions for Sedation or General Anesthesia

Morning Surgery – NOTHING to eat or drink after midnight, NOT EVEN WATER.  NO GUM.

Afternoon Surgery – NO milk products or solid foods after midnight.  A clear liquid breakfast is permitted before 6:00am (water, black coffee, broth, apple juice).  After 6:00am, NOTHING, not even water. No gum.

However, it is important that you take any regular medication(high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) or any medication provided by this office using only a small sip of water (2ounces or less).

Click here to download instructions before sedation.

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