Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Cause Your Face to Change Shape?

Every year, adults and teens from around Peoria visit Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons to discuss wisdom teeth extractions. Because wisdom teeth can cause problems later in life, our doctors recommend this procedure to most of their patients and suggest having them removed as early on as possible.

One of the questions often asked of Dr. BuschDr. Otte, and Dr. Schroeder is whether or not wisdom teeth extractions will cause the shape of a patient’s face to change. You will be happy to hear that changes to the shape of your face are very unlikely when wisdom teeth are removed. In fact, the benefits of wisdom teeth extractions far outweigh any chance that your face’s shape could change when you have this procedure.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Extracting wisdom teeth can help patients in Peoria get rid of the pain or discomfort caused by teeth that are impacted or have fully emerged only to cause cosmetic problems. But beyond that, this procedure offers many other benefits to patients.

You are less likely to have cavities in your back molars.

Because wisdom teeth cause excessive crowding of other teeth within the mouth, practicing proper oral hygiene often becomes more difficult. Therefore, many of our doctors’ patients find that they end up with cavities in their back molars. By choosing wisdom teeth extractions early on, you will reduce the likelihood that you will experience cavities in hard-to-reach places.

Your bite will be improved.

When our doctors perform their evaluation during your initial consultation, they will determine whether your wisdom teeth will affect your bite if allowed to erupt fully. Wisdom teeth extractions can protect your bite, and even improve it.

The results from previous cosmetic dental work will be protected. If you spent years in braces to get a perfect smile, your wisdom teeth could wreak havoc on those results later down the line. In order to keep your beautiful smile intact, be sure to have wisdom teeth extractions before those pesky molars become a problem.

Removing wisdom teeth can keep your gums healthy.

For most patients, wisdom teeth will not fit in the space left within the mouth once they are ready to make their appearance. Because of this, they become impacted, which means they are unable to erupt from beneath the gums fully. With impacted wisdom teeth, small cuts may be left in the gums, allowing bacteria to fester and potentially cause infection. Wisdom teeth extractions can alleviate this problem and protect your gum health.

Do Not Worry About Facial Changes

As you can see, there are many benefits of having wisdom teeth extractions, and as we mentioned, there is little chance that your face shape will change in a noticeable way when your wisdom teeth are removed. Of course, you will experience minor swelling in the days following your procedure. Still, once that post-op swelling has been alleviated, patients in Peoria will find that the shape of their face looks as it did before their wisdom teeth were removed.

Choose Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Peoria

Our board-certified dental surgeons have the training, knowledge, and decades of experience needed to remove your wisdom teeth while maintaining your face shape successfully.

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