How a Tooth Extraction Can Improve Your Oral Health

As leading oral surgeons in Peoria, our doctors apply their skills to a variety of dental procedures, including tooth extractions. Patients, both young and old, rely on their training and skills for this procedure because of their high-quality care, years of experience, and accomplishments in their profession.

Tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgeries our doctors perform in their Peoria office. Whether that means they are extracting wisdom teeth, diseased teeth, baby teeth that need a bit of help, or teeth that need to be removed to aid orthodontic treatment, tooth extractions are something our doctors deal with every day. With their leading-edge technology, they are able to carefully plan and execute tooth extractions to ensure more predictable results for their patients.

Tooth extractions provide many Peoria residents needed relief, but did you know that this simple procedure can actually improve your oral health? Because our doctors believe in fully educating every patient they see, we’re going to take time to discuss this topic in further detail, so keep reading.

Tooth Extractions Make Way for Dental Implants

One of the biggest ways tooth extractions can improve your oral health is by making room for dental implant placement. If you or a loved one has a diseased, damaged, or loose tooth, the tooth’s roots are not strong or able to function properly, which means that the roots are no longer stimulating the jawbone tissue. Jawbone stimulation is imperative to overall oral health because it prevents jawbone resorption and maintains the shape of the face.

When you choose our doctors for tooth extractions in Peoria, they can then place dental implants in their place to restore your oral aesthetics and function. And guess what? Dental implants work just like natural tooth roots by stimulating the jawbone to keep it healthy and strong!

Tooth Extractions Stop the Spread of Disease or Decay

Men and women in Peoria who have diseased or decayed teeth can put a stop to this oral health concern by having tooth extractions. This is because decay spreads easily from tooth to tooth, causing a whole host of problems. When the disease or decay is properly removed, it can no longer spread to other teeth; thereby improving your oral health.

Tooth Extractions Improve Periodontal Health

Patients who have loose teeth because of periodontal disease should have tooth extractions to improve their oral health. These teeth are often loose due to infection within the gums. By leaving severely loose teeth in place, gum infection can spread throughout the body and even get into your bones. When you visit our doctors for tooth extractions, you will be able to maintain your periodontal (or gum) health as they will address infected gums by cleaning or repairing them with a gum graft, if needed.

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