Should I Get All 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed at Once?

When it comes to wisdom teeth, most people can agree that there is not much good about them. They are frustrating, to say the least, and cause men, women, and teens in Peoria great discomfort. So, when it comes time to finally get rid of those pesky molars, there is one question our doctors are asked above all others, “Should I get all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once?”

This is an excellent question. Because our doctors want every patient considering wisdom teeth extractions to be well-informed before making any decisions, we are taking time now in this blog to provide some insight, so keep reading.

First, You Need to Understand Wisdom Teeth

Did you know that wisdom teeth are not even teeth we need in today’s modern world? It’s true! But there was a time in history when this third set of molars was valuable to our ancestors. Because they did not have oral hygiene like we have today, our ancestors often lost many of their teeth by the time they were in their early 20s. So, when wisdom teeth made their grand appearance, they were a welcomed addition because they ultimately improved oral function and restored chewing ability.

Fast forward to today—thankfully, we have great resources to take care of our oral health properly, and we do not lose our teeth at the rate our ancestors did. However, when wisdom teeth attempt to erupt from beneath the gumline in our late teens and early 20s, there is often no room left to accommodate them. Therefore, Peoria patients are often left with impacted wisdom teeth that cause discomfort and other oral health problems. To resolve these problems, our doctors can perform wisdom teeth extractions to protect your remaining teeth, tooth roots, jawbone, and your smile’s aesthetics.

How Many Teeth Should You Have Removed?

If you have started to feel the effects of your wisdom teeth, the first thing you should do is call Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Peoria to schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors. During this appointment, they will perform a full oral exam, take needed X-rays and images, and talk to you about how they perform wisdom teeth extractions.

To answer the question of whether or not you should remove all 4 of your wisdom teeth at once, the quick answer is, “Yes, you should.” Every patient will be different, and you can rest assured that our doctors will develop an individual treatment plan for your specific needs. When possible, they will recommend patients remove all of their wisdom teeth at the same time. The benefits of this far outweigh other options:

  • You will save time and money.
  • You will only need to be sedated once.
  • You will only need to recover once.
  • Your symptoms will all be resolved at once.

Benefits of Choosing Our Doctors for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Our doctors understand that life is busy and that your time is valuable—both to you and our practice. When you choose wisdom teeth extractions with our doctors:

  • You may be able to complete the initial consultation over the phone
  • You can fill out the patient registration and medical history online
  • Your referring dentist or orthodontist may be able to provide X-rays and scans to our office

No matter how you choose to handle these steps, our doctors will provide you with a thorough assessment and care every step of the way.

If you are ready to learn more about what your wisdom teeth extractions procedure might look like, call our doctors today to schedule your initial consultation.

You can reach a member of our friendly team by calling (309) 322-9463.