What Are Some of the Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can be a frustrating thing to deal with. For most people, there is simply no room to accommodate them, which leads to cosmetic concerns or impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth are very common and can lead to more problems if they are not removed.

Because our doctors at Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in East Peoria truly believe in educating patients about wisdom teeth extractions, we want to provide you with some of the most common types of symptoms you may notice if your wisdom teeth are impacted, so keep reading.

Frequent Mild to Severe Pain

Patients will know they may need wisdom teeth extractions if they experience pain throughout the mouth, jaw, and neck. This pain is the most common symptom of impacted wisdom teeth. It occurs because these new molars will push forcefully against the neighboring teeth to try and erupt even though there is most often no room inside the mouth to accommodate them.

Swelling in the Jaw and Gums

Oftentimes, patients who have impacted wisdom teeth will experience swelling near the area where their wisdom teeth attempt to erupt. If this is something you have noticed, be sure to call our doctors to schedule a consultation so you can discuss wisdom teeth extractions. During your appointment, they will be able to determine if the swelling you are experiencing is, in fact, being caused by your impacted wisdom teeth.

Tender Gums That Bleed and Swell

Patients may need wisdom teeth extractions to remove impacted teeth if their gums are swollen and bleed easily. If you routinely practice proper oral hygiene and visit your general dentist twice a year, but you have recently noticed that your gums are tender or bleeding in the areas where your wisdom teeth are located, it could mean you have impacted wisdom teeth.

Sudden Headaches

As we mentioned, impacted wisdom teeth often cause pain within the mouth and neck, but did you know that impacted wisdom teeth also frequently cause patients to experience sudden headaches? If it seems these headaches are originating from your jaw, they could be caused by your wisdom teeth.

Unexplained Bad Breath

Oftentimes, patients with impacted wisdom teeth often experience bad breath that they cannot get to go away, no matter what they try. Bad breath caused by impacted wisdom teeth results from bacteria and debris collected in tiny cuts in the gums made when wisdom teeth attempt to erupt. If you have been brushing twice a day, flossing, regularly, and using an antibacterial mouthwash, but you still have bad breath, call our doctors to discuss wisdom teeth extractions.

Choose Wisdom Teeth Extractions with Our Doctors at Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

If you are experiencing any of the common symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth that we have mentioned above, do not wait to call our doctors to discuss wisdom teeth extractions so you can get back to a pain-free life.

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