Sinus Involvement Post-Op

Dr Schroeder an oral surgeon at Associated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons working with a patient
  1. Bite on moistened gauze pack that has been placed over the wound for at least one hour
  2. Do NOT blow your nose for 21 days. Do NOT stifle sneezes or sneeze through your nose. If the urge to sneeze arises, sneeze with your mouth open
  3. Avoid smoking for 21 days
  4. No swimming or heavy exercise for 3 weeks
  5. Stick to a soft food diet for your own comfort – chew on the opposite side
  6. Continue normal hygiene – be sensitive to the wound area
  7. Return to our office for all scheduled post – operative appointments
  8. Take ALL prescriptions as ordered by your Doctor

Click here to download sinus involvement post-op care instructions

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