What Conditions Can Be Prevented with Tooth Extractions?

Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons always prefer to preserve our Peoria patients’ natural teeth. But if the tooth is too decayed, damaged or impacted, sometimes the optimal option is to extract the tooth. And there are certain conditions that can be prevented with tooth extractions. Sometimes our patients in Peoria are surprised to learn that tooth extractions can be beneficial and prevent certain conditions, such as tooth pain and other dental conditions from occurring or worsening. Here’s a list from our doctors of some dental problems that can be prevented with tooth extractions.

Extracting Impacted Teeth

Whether you’re a parent with a young teen who has impacted wisdom teeth, or an adult with the same problem, having them can cause major issues. First, they can be painful as the impacted wisdom tooth pushes on existing teeth in an attempt to erupt. Second, impacted wisdom teeth can cause your entire smile to become misaligned, ruining what years of orthodontics might have spent correcting. In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, our doctors often perform tooth extractions to alleviate pain and save your smile.

Reducing Pain from Badly Damaged Teeth

Whether you’ve been in a vehicle or sporting accident or suffered some other sort of tooth trauma, badly damaged teeth can be an excruciating condition for dental patients. While all efforts are made to save damaged teeth – such as root canals to alleviate pain and placing a crown over it – sometimes there are no better options other than tooth extractions. In this case, the oral surgery will significantly alleviate the pain and discomfort felt by the patient, allowing him or her to smile again and prevent serious oral conditions from occurring.

Stopping Infection and Gum Disease in Their Tracks

Sometimes, Peoria residents come to us with extensively decayed teeth that are a risk for the condition spreading throughout the mouth or the rapid progression of gum disease. Nobody wants that, as it can lead to further tooth loss. If you present this symptom when you visit our doctors, they’ll likely recommend tooth extractions to prevent the condition from spreading and save your remaining teeth.

Protecting Your Smile

Whether you were born with a perfect smile, or have invested in one via orthodontics, protecting those pearly whites is a priority for Peoria residents. But sometimes, a tooth in the back that is out of sight when you smile is pushing or pressing on adjacent teeth, running the risk of tooth misalignment and the loss of your beautiful smile. If you experience this, then tooth extractions can prevent the condition, and preserve your smile for years to come.

Our Process for Tooth Extractions

We know that for many of our tooth extraction patients, this is the first surgery they’ve ever had. As such, we work diligently with each of our patients to make sure they are well informed and comfortable throughout the entire oral surgery. To provide the ultimate level of comfort, we also offer sedation dentistry options so you can be completely asleep and unaware of the whole procedure.

If you think you may have one of the conditions listed above that tooth extractions can prevent, we want to help. Contact our doctors today at our Peoria office by calling (309) 322-9995.