When Are Sinus Lifts Needed for Dental Implants?

If you’re a Peoria resident who’s been researching dental implants as a possible tooth replacement option, you’ve probably already discovered that sometimes, getting dental implants requires some pre-surgery, first. One of the most common surgeries that dental implant patients require before having their implants placed is a sinus lift. Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons know when and why this procedure may be necessary for you.

About Your Sinuses

Your sinus cavities are located in your cheekbones, just above your upper jawbones. If you’ve been reading up on dental implants, you know that the procedure requires titanium rods to be inserted into your jawbone tissue to fuse and create a strong bond. Some men and women who live in Peoria have what’s known as low sinuses. In this case, the titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone tissue may occupy the sinuses, which is something our doctors definitely want to avoid. For these patients, a sinus lift is required before dental implants being placed.

How Will I Know if I Need a Sinus Lift?

There’s no way for those who reside in Peoria to know if they need a sinus lift unless they see a specialist. That determination is made by a doctor, who will evaluate the location of your sinuses – and whether they are high enough to allow for dental implants placement – by taking a series of advanced images of your upper jawbone and sinuses. If, after reviewing your images, our doctors feel that your sinuses are too low to allow for immediate dental implants placement, they’ll schedule sinus lift surgery for you first, which our doctors are able to perform in our office.

How Long After a Sinus Lift Can I Get My Dental Implants Placed

The amount of time it takes to recover from a sinus lift completely and become eligible for dental implants varies greatly from person to person. In general, Peoria residents must wait anywhere from 4 to 9 months after a sinus lift to have their dental implants placed. While this may seem like a long time, it’s to ensure your overall health and safety. Some of our patients who are already missing their teeth choose to temporarily use dentures during this waiting period to regain some dental functionality and aesthetics.

How Do I Proceed?

If you want dental implants, but are concerned that you may need a sinus lift, the recommended thing to do is visit with our doctors for an initial consultation at our office. It’s during this time that they’ll evaluate your mouth, take sophisticated images, and formulate a personalized dental implant treatment plan for you, which, may or may not include sinus lift surgery.

Our doctors are always ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Even if you’re on the fence about dental implants, they are happy to discuss the procedure, and any pre-procedures you may require, with you so that you can make the optimal decision.

To schedule an initial appointment, call our office today at (309) 326-9250.